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        Guangzhou Marco Electronics & Technology Co., Limited



        ABOUT US

         Boutum in chinese has the meaning of boundless, tolerant, focused and professional; stable, sagacious. The overall style strong, steady, representing the magnificent of the professional electro-acoustic, giving the impression that the real and not exaggerated. Which is the attitude of making a product in BOUTUM.

             BOUTUM corporate philosophy insit a win-win cooperation. The up and down of the four 1/4 of roundness round together, represents the partners of reciprocity and mutual benefit. Two superimposed acoustic waves are transmitted in the pattern, represents the products are sold around the world.

            State of the radiation, make people have visions of  a bright future, also stand for the progress and growing strong. 

        BOUTUM--Witness the Development of China Electroacoustic Industry

        1992,Guangzhou Zhujiang Pro-light Company Ltd. was founded.

        1993,Take part in the third China International Exhibition of Pro Audio, Light, Music & Technology, which hold in Nanjing Restaurant in Jiangsu Province, China, and become one of few representative enterprises in the same occupation.

        1994, Guangzhou Skima Electricity Co; Ltd. was founded, produce KTV products-AK Series. 

        1995, Registered BOUTUM Trade Mark and produce high quality products. 

        1997, Cooperate with Dr. Oil USA Corporation, which make the foundation for international market of BOUTUM.  

        2000, Develop Karaoke Sub-bass loudspeaker firstly, become the imitating products in the same occupation, and granted with many patents. Produce OEM products for many KTV brands in Taiwan.

        2001, i-1000 exhibition in the North show the development of the linear basis. 

        2002, i-2000 few enterprises develop line array speaker successfully. PS Series, F Series become the chief entertainment facilities for Bar and Disco. Perform ISO9001:2000 international quality management

        2003, Passed China "CCC" compulsory quality certification. Participates in the Singapore specialized light, the acoustic display, later will attend the international exhibition uniterruptedly, will push to

        2004, Hold near ten thousand aquare meter gardens-decorated modern factory.

        2005, i-3000 line array high middle frequency strip-type transformer, which was develop firstly in China, and has been granted with the patent. In this year, we became the partner of Pioneer DJ Equipment. In

        2006, i-8000, i-9000 the large-scale performance line array is operational, and improves unceasingly. Over the next few years, line array speakers become the preferred products of the performance, rent group.  

        2007, V-12 uses the compound high frequency technology, ten unit arrangements in ligin housing. The QS Series power amplifier, uses the digital supervision, lets the system adjustment be simple, be direct.  

        2008, In view of the different sound box model, designs the special-purpose controller, causes the system opertion to be simple, to be accurate. In view of the stadium, the field development' s pair axia all-weather pair of 12 inch sound boxs, change the American goods monopolistic market aspect.

        2010, According to authoritative agency MAX-DJ statistics, BOUTUM have the top sales in many Africa countries.

        2011, The successful development of broadband coaxial system, set point sound source and ultra low frequency is better than that of the same system.  

        2012, The development of a variety of KTV plastic mould, share the market with Japan and Taiwan.2012, The development of a variety of KTV plastic mould, share the market with Japan and Taiwan.  

        2013, The workload of line array hangling, the launch of the i-6000 stacked line array system. 

        2014, In view of  the needs of mobile performances, succeed in developing the AR600 series.

        2015, i-10000ND was borned, made power of the PA speakers reached to 10000W.Breakthrough industry bottlenecks.

        2016, The world's first independent suspension system, made the dual 18 inch speaker become the king in the Bar. AR2183 road show king, the use of military-grade 100mm treble head, 143Db sound pressure spike

        2017, With the birth of TT15ND , the trouing show truly with the integration of convenient, fast, high-fidelity, big sound pressure.

        TEL:+86 020 36677113 PHONE:+86 158 1702 6002

        EMAIL:718869806@qq.com QQ:609755491

        ADDR:No. 33, Fengxiang Road North, Jianggao Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China

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